Tuesday, August 20, 2013

HOT! Nice Cisco, Lucent, Ciena, Nortel, Fujitsu, Tellabs!!!!



1-407-936-1310 Phone  , 1-407-936-1311 Fax  


Danny Christensen - hokie@2keane.com



We have the following inventory IN-STOCK for sale. If you see anything you need, please let me know and I'll verify counts for you. All are refurbished with a 30 day warranty. 




Danny Christensen 



170-5305-902 Ciena

170-5305-904 Ciena
170-5305-905 Ciena
3AL45028AF Alcatel
3AL45028AG Alcatel
M320-FPC1-E2 Juniper
M320-FPC2-E2 Juniper
M320-FPC2-E3 Juniper
M320-FPC3-E2 Juniper
NT0H20DJ Nortel
NT0H21CA Nortel
NT0H21CC Nortel
NT0H21CD Nortel
NT0H21JN Nortel
NT0H31AF Nortel
NT0H32CF Nortel
NT0H34AA Nortel
NT0H35AB Nortel
NT0H84DF Nortel
LNW16 Lucent
LNW26 Lucent
LNW27 Lucent
LNW31 Lucent
LNW37 Lucent
LNW39 Lucent
LNW46 Lucent
LNW66 Lucent
FC9513AMP2 Fujitsu
FC9513B8S1 Fujitsu
FC9513SHF2 Fujitsu
FC9520AHB1 Fujitsu
FC9520C3B3 Fujitsu
FC9682SCC2 Fujitsu
FC9682SHP1 Fujitsu
81.5595E Tellabs
81.71222 Tellabs
81.71261 Tellabs
81.71273 Tellabs
81.71328O-M-R5 Tellabs
81.71328U Tellabs
82.71281 Tellabs
82.71328U Tellabs
82.88X0-ULC-1 Tellabs
15454-10E-L1-80.7 Cisco
15454-10E-L1-84.1 Cisco
15454-10E-L1-87.4 Cisco
15454-10E-L1-90.8 Cisco
15454-10E-L1-L Cisco
15454-10T-L1-43.7 Cisco
15454-32-DMX-O Cisco
15454-32-DMX Cisco
15454-AD-1C-59.7 Cisco
15454-AD-4C-30.3 Cisco
15454-AD-4C-42.1 Cisco
15454-AD-4C-58.1 Cisco
15454-AIC-I Cisco
15454-AP-MIC48V Cisco
15454-DS3-12 Cisco
15454-DS3-12E Cisco
15454-DS3N-12 Cisco
15454-DS3N-12E Cisco
15454-E1000-2 Cisco
15454-E1000-2-G Cisco
15454-E100T-12 Cisco
15454-E3DS3-FMEC Cisco
15454E-AP-MIC48V Cisco
15454-EC1-12 Cisco
15454-EIA-UBICH-A Cisco
15454-MIC-A/P Cisco
15454-ML1000-2 Cisco
15454-ML100X-8 Cisco
15454-MRC-I-12 Cisco
15454-MS-ISC-100T Cisco
15454-OC34IR1310 Cisco
15454-OC3I81310 Cisco
15454-OC48LR1550 Cisco
15454-OC48IR1310 Cisco
15454-OC48IR1310A Cisco
15454-OC48LR1550A Cisco
15454-OPT-BST Cisco
15454-OPT-PRE Cisco
15454-SA-HD Cisco
15454-TCC2 Cisco
15454-XC-10G Cisco
15454-YCM-SM-LC Cisco


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 Mr. Danny Christensen


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