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WTS Fujitsu , Nortel , Cisco , Alcatel-Lucent equipment



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Good Afternoon ! We have the following equipment in stock and ready to ship . Please take a look and let us know if you can use any of this gear. Thanks ! 


If you have any equipment requirements or have equipment for sale , feel free to contact us anytime. 




FC9565S9B1 x1

FC9565TGD1 x3


NORTEL - Optical Multiservice Edge 6500


NTK505CE x1

NTK505FA x1

NTK505MA x1

NTK513DA x1

NTK517BA x1

NTK543NA x2

NTK544NA x2

NTK557PA x1


CISCO - ONS 15454


15454-10G-XR x1

15454-G1K-4 x1

ONS-XC-10G-S1 x7

15454-40-SMR1-C x1

15454-OTU2-XP x2

15454-E100T-12G x3

15454-E100T-G x3



ALCATEL-LUCENT -ALU SR (Service Router) - 7750 [SR-7750]


3HE03624AA x1

3HE04741AA x1

3HE00566CA x8

3HE04823AA x26

Alcatel-Lucent 1675 Lambda Unite MultiService Switch


KFA632 x1


Alcatel-Lucent 1665 Data Multiplexer

LNW31 x2

LNW48 x1

LNW55 x1

LNW58 x1

LNW59 x1

LNW64 x1







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