Friday, August 13, 2010

KMI Newsletter

If you are in the business of using, or buying and selling telecom hardware, you know two things for sure--quality brand-name telecom hardware is very expensive, but when you really need it, you have to have it. And that is where we can help you--whether you are a reseller or end-user.

Keane Machines, Inc. (KMI) can help you on either the buying or selling end of a transaction. We have positioned our self as a modern-day middleman for those who deal with used and/or refurbished telecom hardware. If you have some used telecom equipment to sell, we will help you find a buyer. If you are price conscious and want to see if you can get what you need in the "used" market, we will search it out for you.

Furthermore, we are accustomed to handling most all items in the product portfolio of the major service-providers such as AT&T and Verizon, as well as small ISP's and CLEC's. And if you are selling off surplus equipment from a cancelled project, unused inventory, or hardware that is excess due to upgrades or location changes, we can certainly help you with that. What's more, we have been in business for over seventeen years, yet are small enough to give you personal attention. Most important, we are a responsible business with distinct ethical standards. Paraphrased, we need to make a profit, but we don't need to diddle our customers to do so.

To contact us, please call (407) 936-1310 or visit our website