Monday, August 23, 2010

Want to Buy ADTRAN TA 4303 1202331L1 and more!

Adtran Wanted (Prefer used, must be working)

Email if you have any for sale.

4291043SA NCM3Z9XBRA
4291043SA NCM310XBRA
4291043SA NCM32CXBRA
1200330L1 SLM2MS0FRA
1202352L1 SLL6GFBDAA
1200334L1 SLC1LSZETA
1202333L1 SLL6FFBDAA
1200334L1 SLC1LS6ETA
1200339L1 SLPQ0HVHAA
1202332L1 SLL3VX5JAA
1200323L1 SLL34Y4JAA
1200335L1 SLPOCD0CAA
1200330L2 SLM21S0FRA
1200336L1 SLL3WZ0JAA
1200334L1 SLC1LSZEAA
1202323L1 SLL36Y4JAA
1202331L1 SLL6EEBDAA
1202334L2 SLC1LS5ETA
1200331L1 SLL3UW0JAA
1202334L1 SLC1LS3EAA
1200332L1 SLL3VX0JAA
1200340L1 SLPQ0HWHAA
1200333L1 SLL3WY0JAA
1200352L1 SLL35Y0JAA