Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We buy used ADC equipment

Send your list to data@2keane.com or call (407) 936-1310 if you have any ADC equipment for sale.

ADC; DSX4H-24MB-W3C 24-termination loaded copper DSX-3 panel;
ADC; DSX4R-24MB40-C24RC DS3 DSX panel;
ADC; DSX4R-24MB60-D24 DSX Panel;
ADC; DSX4R-32B0-D32, 32-position DS-3 chassis panel;
ADC; DSX4R-WD24 DSX-3 Panel;
ADC; DSX4R-xxx DS-3 patch panel;
ADC DSX-1, 84 position
ADC DSX-3, 24 position
ADC DSX-CAP-xxx, DSX-IB-xxx, DSX-QR-xxx, IOR-xxx, M1544-xxx, RBI-xxx, & T1544-xxx (DSX-1 auxiliary series)
ADC DSX4L-xxx, DSX4R-xxx, DSX4H-xxx, DSX4K-xxx, DSX4F-xxx, & DSX4B-xxx (DSX-3 series)