Tuesday, September 14, 2010

We buy used ALCATEL

Send your list to data@2keane.com or call (407) 936-1310 if you have any Alcatel equipment for sale.

Alcatel CopperCom Voice Gateway CopperCom Voice Gateway
Alcatel 1603
Alcatel 1612
Alcatel 1648
Alcatel 1680 OGX
Alcatel 1696 Metro Span
Alcatel 7300 ASAM HD w/ DS-3, 1296-line and 1728-line configurations
Alcatel 7300 ASAM LP UD
Alcatel 7470 MSP Multi-Service Platform, w/ T1-2 PRI and T1 IMA cards
Alcatel 7470 MultiService ATM Edge Platform