Friday, July 23, 2010


Selling used or new surplus ADC?
Send your list to for a cash offer.

Sample of ADC equipment we are buying:

Modules: DSX-4J-MBRC, DSX-4R-M60, DSX-4R-MB160, DSX-4R-MB260, DSX-4R-M30, DSX-4R-MB130, DSX-4R-MB230, DSX-4R-M40, DSX-4R-MB140, DSX-4R-MB240, DSX-4H-MBRC, DSX-4H-MBRC

Loaded Chassis: DSX4R-24MB60-C24, DSX4R-32MB60-C32, DSX-4R-32MB60-D32, DSX-4R-24MB60-D24, DSX4R-24MB40-C24, DSX4R-32MB40-C32,
DSX4R-24MB30-D24, DSX4R-24MB30-C24, DSX4R-32MB30-C32, DSX4R-32MB30-D32, DSX4R-32B0-C32, DSX4R-32BO-D32

EZT3 multiplexers