Friday, May 3, 2013

Want to Sell Motorola GSM gear ... Looking for offers



1-407-936-1310 Phone  , 1-407-936-1311 Fax

I have client with the following equipment for sale . Please take a look and let me know if you have any interest .



Motorola Horizon II macro Indoor GSM 900/1800 Base Transceiver station

Modules Included
(01) Motorola SW1134C, Horizon II macro Base Transceiver station.
(03) Motorola SWRG9135X A, CTU2 1800, Type Designation GSM 1800.
(03) Motorola SWRF9139V A, CTU2 900, Type Designation GSM 900.
(01) Motorola SWHN9165C, CBC Circuit Breaker Card
(02) Motorola SWLN9221JC B, H2 Site Controller Card
(01) Motorola SWLN9222BB B, Alarms Card
(01) Motorola SVLG9153B X1, 1800Mhz Combiner Duplexer Filter
(02) Motorola SVLG9153A X2, 1800Mhz Combiner Duplexer Filter
(03) Motorola SVLF9150D, 900Mhz Duplexer Filter
(01) Motorola SWRF9146E B, ROHS FNL ASSY, MDL, SURF2 1800 Mhz
(01) Motorola 0187668T01 C, A & B Radio Frequency Module
(01) Motorola SVLN4025B, ROHS 0188703T01 AC Filter
(04) Motorola SVPN9144C, 120/240 AC Power Supply Module
(03) Motorola SWHN9127B, ROHS ASSY, Fan 2 Tray
(01) Motorola SVLN8470AB A, ROHS ASSY, CAB Horizon II, HLA VDC 2BRX
(01) Motorola SWHN9128B, ROHS ASSY Door
(01) Motorola SVLN9020A A, ROHS ASSY Chassis Cage Pre OP ASSY

(05) Teradyne - Motorola 84E83951T01 GSM Backplane, 4993 XML1 RU-94VO (New)




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