Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Buying used Siemens, Alcatel/Lucent, Ericsson

Please check your stock and let me know if you can supply any of these. Thanks-Steve


Qty         Description – Ericsson TSP/NSP Hardware

2              MXB5 ROJ 208368/10 MXB5-LE PIU

28           NSP6.0 ROJ 208814/2 GEP2-12GB


Siemens 40203403           S50034-B2-A1    OPAL_BB Shelf ETSI UMX4s


SIEMENS 3 -5 pcs each

S30813-Q429-X901           MCPUF    

S30813-Q442-X201           IOPUNI3  

S30813-Q444-X901           MPUE  IOMS   

S30813-Q445-X901           MPUF IOMS

S32004-B123-X                  F:SXCE

S32006-Q2033-X1             ASMX15

S30813-Q426-X901           M:MPUF



ALCATEL/LUCENT 7330 ISAM with a mix of DSL line cards

some or all of  the following: (1) EVLT-F (e.g. ALU part number 3FE25389AA), (2) EVLT-K (e.g. ALU part number 3FE00168AA), (3) EBLT-E (e.g. ALU part number 3FE23196AA), (4)  EBLT-Q and

(5) EVLT-N. (I'm not 100% sure of the part numbers for EBLT-Q and EVLT-N.)



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