Friday, September 9, 2016

Fujitsu, Lucent, Cisco refurbished for sale!

In stock and ready to ship . Give us a call 407-936-1310 . Feel free to make offers !



3HE03623AA x2

3HE00708AA x1

3HE01170AA x1

3HE01473AA x1

VLNC52 x1


Ciena / Nortel

NTK539PBE5 x1

NTK544NAE5 x1

NTK517BA x1



15454-OC192-SR1310 x18

15454-XC-VXL-10G x10




FC9565ASC1 x1

FC9565MPC1 x2

FC9565MPE2 x4

FC9565S9B1 x2

FC9565TGD1 x1

FC9565W8A1 x1

FC9682U1C1 x8

FC9682M2C1 x4

FC9682QMC1 x1

FC9682RMC1 x9

FC9595HD12 x1

FC9595HDP1 X1




M320-FPC3-E3 x2



LNW7 x2

LNW18 x1

LNW19 x2

LNW19B x1

LNW37 x2

LNW45 x3

LNW49 x3

LNW56 x1



81.6400DS3EC1-HD x2

82.6400NCB x1

81.X0192SR1131S x1

81.X111GSR1131S x1



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