Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Alcatel/Lucent used equipment for sale.

I have the following Alcatel/Lucent equipment for sale. Used/refurbished with 30 day warranty. Make offers!



1678MCC             SSY-FLCCONGI ENH         3AG24102AA

1678MCC             SSY-FLCCONGI ENH         3AG24102AB

1678MCC             SSY-FLCSERVICE ENH      3AG24103AA

1678MCC             SSY-FLCSERVICE ENH      3AG24103AB

1678MCC             SSY-LO ADAPT/MATRIX 40G        3AG24104AA

1678       LA20      3AG24150AA

1678       P4S64X 3AG24161AB

1678       MX320GE            3AG24173AA

1678       MX160GE            3AG24174AA

1678MCC             SSY-LO ADAPT/MATRIX 20G        3AG24186AB

1678MCC             SSY-4XSTM64 XFP PORT 3AG24214AB

1678MCC             SSY-ALARM BOARD         3AG24262AA

1678       LX160    3AG24328AA

1678MCC             SSY-FLCSERVICE ENH      3AG24332AB

1678       MX320  3AG24336AA

1660SM                SSY-SERVICES I/F              3AL78817AAAJ

1660SM                SSY-4XSTM1 PORT/1       3AL78821BAAD

1660SM                SSY-4XSTM1 ELECTRICAL PORT/1               3AL78823AAAG

1660       CONGI  3AL78830AAAE

1660       CONGI  3AL78830ADAB

1660       CONGI  3AL78830AEAA

1660       P3E3T3  3AL78864AAAF

1660       A3E3      3AL78865ABAA

1660       BST10    3AL78962AAAF

1660SM                SSY-OMSN BOOSTER+15DBM FC/PC        3AL78962ACAH

1660       BST17    3AL78962ADAC

1660       BST10    3AL78962BAAF

1660SM                SSY-OMSN BOOSTER +15DBM SC/PC       3AL78962BCAH

1660SM                SSY-OMSN BOOSTER +17DBM SC/PC       3AL78962BDAD

1660SM                SSY-PREAMPL.2.5GB/S FC/PC CH34          3AL78963ACAA

1660SM                SSY-PREAMPL. 2.5GB/S SC/PC CH34         3AL78963ADAA

1660SM                PREAMPL NG     3AL78965AAAA

1660SM                T_BUS_2              3AL79088ACAA

1660       FAN       3AL79114AAAF

1660       FAN       3AL79114ABAB

1660SM                SSY-4X140/STM1 SWITCH. O/E PORT/1   3AL79263AAAC

1660SM                PBA-PRE 10 GIG 3AL79545AAAA

1660       PREAMP              3AL79545ABAC

1660SM                PBA-BOOSTER (N.G./2) 3AL79727AAAA

1660       PR64      3AL79728AAAC

1660       PR64      3AL79728AAAC

1678       SSY-FAN               3AL81205AB

1678MCC             SSY-FAN               3AL81205AC

1660SM                SSY-2XCH TRANSPONDER SFP     3AL81427AAAB

1678       MX640GE            3AL81429AA

1678MCC             SSY-POWER SUPPLY/FIL 3AL81502AA

1678MCC             SSY-POWER SUPPLY FILTER 2200W            3AL81502AB

1850 TSS-320     SSY - TRU BYPASS EXT RECEPTACLE           3AL91622BAAA

1660SM                SSY-S-1.1 OPTICAL INTERFACE SFP            3AL91790AAAB

320         MT320  3AL92108AAAA

320         MT320  3AL92108AAAF

320         MT320N               3AL92108ABAA

1850 TSS-320     SSY- UNIVERSAL MATRIX (TSS-320)           3AL92108ABAF

320         MT320LO             3AL92108ACAA

320         MT320  3AL92108ACAB

320         MT160  3AL92108ADAA

320         MT160N               3AL92108AEAA

320         MT160LO             3AL92108AFAA

320         MT160LO             3AL92108AFAD

1850 TSS-320     SSY- EQUIPMENT CONTROLLER (TSS-320)              3AL92110ACAC

320         TBUS-320G         3AL92120AAAB


1850 TSS-320     PBA-1XSTM64/1XOC192 PORT   3AL92126AAAD

1850 TSS-320     PBA-8XSTM1-4/8XOC3-12 PORT 3AL92128AAAD

1850 TSS-320     PBA-PQ3 MODULE CONTROL1    3AL92179BAAB

320         POW320               3AL92191AAAB

1850 TSS-320     PBA-MT320 POWER SUPPLY        3AL92212ABAB

1642EMX             SSY-E1B28           3AL97078AAAA

1642EMX             SSY-SE1B28         3AL97078ACAA

1642EMX             SSY-DE1B28        3AL97079AAAA

1642EMX             SSY-SDE1B28      3AL97079ACAA

1642EMX             SSY-SDE1B8        3AL97079ADAB

1642EMX             SSY-DE1JB8         3AL97079BDAB

1642       OT1M1 3AL97083BAAA

1642EMX             SSY-STM1 UNIT S1.1 (CD)              3AL97083CAAA

1642EMX             SSY-SFP PORT UNIT         3AL97083DAAA

1642EMX             SSY-E3B1              3AL97086AAAC

1642EMX             SSY-DS3B1           3AL97086ABAC

1642       ES1-8FE 3AL97165AAAC

1642       ES1 8FE 3AL97165ABAB

1642       MB4-1   3AL97165ACAD

1642       ISA-ES1 8FE         3AL97165ADAE

1642EMUX          SSY-ISA-ES1 8FE ENH SERIES ES1-8FEN     3AL97165BANA

1642       3-Feb    3AL97194AAAA

1642       ISAES1 3FE          3AL97194ABAB

1642EMX             SSY-ISA ES1 3FE 3AL97194ACAD

1642EMUX          SSY-ISA ES1 3FE ENH SERIES ES1-3FEN     3AL97194BANA

1642EMX             SSY-DE1B32        3AL97198AAAB

1642EMX             PBA-SFPM1        3AL97213AEAA*

1642EMX             PBA-1U MB 120 3AL97228BAAE

1642EMX             SSY-MAINBOARD(LC)     3AL97343AAAC

1642EMX             SSY-ISA-ES4 2GE 4FE ENH SERIES ES4-GE 3AL97380AANA

1662SMC             PBA-CESCONX (EC)          3AL98004ACAR

1662       ESERGI  3AL98023AAAA

1662SMC             SSY-LOW SPEED PROT    3AL98026AAAC

1662       SSY-63X2MB/S P.75 4TE 3AL98029AAAD

1662       A63E1-4T             3AL98035AAAA

1662SMC             SSY-COMPACT ADM16   3AL98038ADAL

1662       SSY-63X2MB/S P.120 K20              3AL98051AAAF

1662       P8S1-4E                3AL98240AAAA

1662SMC             SSY-8XSTM-1/2XSTM-4 SFP         3AL98240ABAA

1662       SERGI    3AL98269AAAA

1662       SERGI    3AL98272AAAR

1662SMC             SSY-4XSTM-1/1XSTM-4 SFP         3AL98362AAAB

1662SMC             SSY-CONGISL     3AL98368AAAA

1662SMC             SSY-A12OE1        3AL98412AAAA

1850 TSS-320     SSY - LOA LOWER ORDER ADAPTER          8DG07747AAAD

320         PSF320  8DG07990AAAA

1850 TSS-320     PSF320-MB         8DG07991AAAB

1850 TSS-320     SSY - COAX ADAPTER      8DG08739AAAA

1850 TSS-320     SSY - TBUS TSS-320H       8DG09333AAAA

1850 TSS-320     SSY- EOS UP/LOW 160H/320H R1 W/O SFP           8DG09336ABAA

1850 TSS-320     SSY- EOS MIDDLE 160H/320H       8DG09454AAAA

1850 TSS-320     EMA - UNIVERSAL MATRIX 320   8DG09574AAAE

1850 TSS-320     SSY - FAN TRAY TSS-320H              8DG10327AAAD

1660SM                SSY-4XGE SFP ES-16 ACCESS        8DG15235AAAB

1660SM                SSY-SERVICE SYNC           8DG15691AAAA

1850 TSS-3          SSY-2GX1OAB    8DG24030ABAA

1850 TSS-3          SSY-2GX1ODB    8DG24070ACAA

1850 TSS-320     SSY- MULTIRATE STM1/4/16 PORT            8DG25938ACAB

1850 TSS-320     SSY - 1850TSS160 - FAN PLATE    8DG87202AAAB

1850 TSS-320     SSY-TBUS             8DG87205AAAA

1850       FAN320 8DG90031ABAA


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