Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Charles Darwin VS The Hummingbird


                                                                                                                                         By  M. J. Christensen

                We begin by positing the “outrageous” notion that Charlie Darwin and his “scientific” traveling partners just might not be as scientific as they assume, and that there is evidence that the much--lauded and venerated Theory of Evolution is based on skimpy evidence, tendentious research and flawed logic.   To be sure, Darwin’s theory has dominated public debate, but primarily because it is so morally/ethically convenient to those of a secular bent. But the popular acceptance of a theory is not tantamount to truth.  If one is interested in exploring the truth of the matter, the following poem would be a good place to start. 




I got to watching a seagull

Cruise with nary a move.

He glided ‘cross the tumbling waves

On course in an aerial groove.


His flight was a thing of magic;

Untutored, he flew with such ease.

With the slightest change of his feathers

He maneuvered just as he pleased.


Falcons can spy a mouse from on high,

And dive at incredible speed.

Penguins thrive where it’s freezing

And survive on fish…just like Swedes.


When it comes to counting out wonders,

Such birds can run up the score,

But I think the little hummingbird

Astounds one even more.


Let’s take his aerodynamics—

Just see what he can do.

What are his specifications

From an engineering view?


How fast is the little hummer?

Too fast for the human eye.

Our glimpse of him goes blurry

As he wheels and zips on by.

And his navigational system?

It always gets him there.

He remembers where the flowers are,

Gets home from anywhere.


His long beak probes for nectar

As he hovers at the bloom.

He’s just like a helicopter

With a long refueling boom.


They say that jets can really turn,

And some can really climb.

Our little bird can go straight up,

Turn circles on a dime.


The procurement costs are tiny;

They self-make clones for free!

They need no aircraft hangers;

They park all night in trees.


“Our newest planes are lightweights,”

The engineer announces.


Sincerely, Steve


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