Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Re: Build solid platform for your : 2keane.blogspot.com

Hello 2keane.blogspot.com Team

Warm greetings! How are you doing?

I am Robin Jackson, a Senior SEO Consultant. If you could spare 2 minutes of your precious and busy schedules, I might have some useful information for you.

During our standard search procedure, we came across your website, which is ranking for some of the most potential keywords. But we feel it is unfortunate that despite having a nicely built and user-friendly website, yours is still very far from the first page of organic ranking.

You might be aware that hardly 1-2% of the visitors (today) visit beyond 30 organic positions and this why you might be losing a greater possibility of business, even if you are visible organically.

I hope you are using some sort of promotional activities for ranking your website. But we sincerely feel that the efforts are not up-to the desired level.

We are one of the most promising Search Engine Optimizers offering SEO services globally. We also offer a guaranteed success for organic positions over search engines like Google. Given us a chance, we can surely bring your website to the first page of search results ethically and thereby helping you to generate better leads with higher ROI.

We assure you:

             Your website will reach TOP-10 ranking within just 2-3 months (depending upon the nature of the keywords).

             Better contents for establishing a brand presence.

             Ethical optimization that brings a long-lasting result.

             Complete peace of mind with an amazing SEO solution.

If you develop a little bit of confidence on my words, don't hesitate to contact me for further details. I will be glad to share all details about our company and the service solutions as per your query.  


Kind Regards,

Robin Jackson | Senior SEO Consultant
Note:- If you are interested then my Sales Manager will come back to you with an affordable SEO & Digital Marketing plan which contains our services,  client reference, price list etc.

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