Monday, December 2, 2019

Re : : Marketing suggestion for your website..


My name is Jakes Lee,


I recently browsed through your business  and wanted to highlight some key points for consideration.

Cut a long story short I think I can help your rank on Search-Engines a lot easier. I have compiled a website-audit which lists all the areas that your needs improvement in.

I am happy to send it through at no-cost-of course all I want is the chance to cal you to see if we can help.


What we offer:*


1.       Adword Management

2.       Facebook Advertising

3.       Twitter Advertising

4.       Social Media Management

5.       Brand Awareness

6.       Mobile App Promotion & more..


Would you be interested in this Website-Audit? Are you available this week to discuss?

Best regards,


Jakes Lee, (SEO expert)


Note: Kindly please email with the subject line "Interested" or allow me to sent "Website Audit Report"