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PTFE (F4B) high frequency PCBs

Impedance controlled PCB


Signal transmission in the circuit board is expected to be smoothly transmitted from the sending end to the receiving end under the condition of minimum energy loss, and the receiving end can completely absorbs it without any reflection. This kind of transmission is achieved by impedance control.


The basic elements that affect impedance 
a) Thickness of trace (T1) 7% 
b) Width of trace (W1) 4% 
c) Height of laminate (H1) 35% 
d) Dielectric constant of board material (Er1) 8% 


The classification of characteristic impedance

a)    Single ended (line) impedance

b)    Differential impedance

c)    Coplanar impedance


PCB Service

a)    Prototypes, Small runs and mass production supply

b)    2-32 layers

c)    Various surface finish: HASL, Immersion gold, Immersion tin, Immersion silver, OSP

d)    Various solder mask: Green, Blue, Matt blue, Red, Yellow, Black, Matt black, White

e)    Various technics: BGA, Blind via, Edge plated castellation, Press fit holes



Synchronous digital hierarchy (SDH),

GSM, CDMA, PC and high power wireless phone etc.

If you have requirement on the impedance controlled PCB's, please simply reply back to this email by your gerber files and we will get back to you ASAP. 

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